Join us on October 5th and 6th in Toronto at the MTCC in Hall B, North Building
Wednesday October 5: 11AM - 7PM | Thursday October 6: 10AM - 5PM

Photographing Men

DATE: Wednesday October 5
TIME: 12:30PM

In this Men's Portrait and Fashion class, you'll learn the fundamentals of Men's Portrait and Fashion Photography. Jeff Rojas will guide you through his studio workflow, essential posing, lighting and editing techniques that will compliment all shapes and sizes of men.

About Jeff Rojas
Jeff Rojas is an American Photographer and author based in New York City. His primary body of work includes portrait and fashion photography that has been published in both Elle and Esquire. Jeff also frequents as a photography instructor. His teaching experience includes platforms like CreativeLive, WPPI, the Photo Plus Expo, Imaging USA and APA.

Visit Jeff Rojas' website here

Anova Pro Photo and Video Featured

DATE: Wednesday October 5
TIME: 1:30PM
PRESENTER: Jason Lanier

Rotolight's new Anova Pro is a revolutionary product, the first LED of its kind that's able to function as a soft-light LED as well as a high-speed strobe. Fashion/wedding photographer Jason Lanier will explain why he thinks the Anova Pro is a game-changer in the photographic industry. After shooting hundreds of weddings and fashion shots, Jason is blown away by the combination of soft light and flash that the Anova Pro delivers. As a catchlight, the Anova Pro is the best he's ever used; he'll explain why he prefers the round shape of the Anova Pro over square or rectangular units. And with the Anova Pro's ability to function as a high-speed flash, it means at every location or event, he's able to capture every moment, from the soft lit portrait of the bride to the tossing of her bouquet. Jason believes the Anova Pro's flexibility makes him more valuable to his clients. In his session, he'll explain why he believes the Rotolight Anova Pro will give you a competitive advantage too.

About Jason Lanier
Jason Lanier is an award winning Sony Artisan of Imagery who has traveled the world looking for the best possible moments, landscapes and more to capture. Jason started shooting professionally in 2007 and in 2011, began teaching other photographers. He's hosted numerous workshops across the United States, as well as, international workshops in London, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and 4 different locations in Australia.

Visit Jason Lanier's website here

Celebrating a Century of Setting the Standards for Motion Imaging

DATE: Wednesday October 5
TIME: 6:00PM
WHERE: ProFusion Main Stage

Join the celebration. Take in the special discussion. As part of SMPTE's major anniversary, they are holding a 100th anniversary SMPTE celebration meeting at ProFusion.

Chase Hagen, TSR at Arri

Involved with HDR electronic capture since 2010, ARRI welcomes the introduction of commercial HDR displays in 2016. Creatives have long recognized the benefits of HDR, studio executives are now embracing HDR capture and HDR distribution. Leading in the streaming delivery of HDR through their Amazon Prime service, Amazon Studios are embracing HDR capture for much of their original content. Chase will present some HDR content together with the popular HDR pipeline embraced by filmmakers today.

Rob Roy, Product Strategist at Canon

Rob will explore the advantages of adopting ACES1.0 compliance throughout HDR workflows. In addition, there will be some conversation on the value of high dynamic range and wide cinema gamut colour space in HDR content acquisition. The use of the SMPTE 2084 signal standard to get HDR signals to reference monitors on set and in post production will close out the workflow loop.

Hugo Gaggioni, CTO of Sony Professional Solutions Americas

Hugo will review the challenges faced in producing 4K HDR in a live production environment. While producing live 4K programming for immediate distribution to the home has now become a standard everyday practice in Canada, producing live to home 4K HDR programs adds several layers of complexity to the production process. Hugo will discuss these complexities and the current approaches being taken to overcome the challenges.